Flight attendants diagnozed with cancer more frequently than other women


The study also found that compared with women in the general U.S. population, female flight attendants had a 51 percent higher rate of breast cancer.  So, is a second evidence but the exact motivation of this situation is not yet known. Some observations were made however. Flight crews have a number of exposures that could potentially play a role. First, is about exposure to cosmic ionizing radiation.


At flight altitudes, people are exposed to higher levels of radiation, all the time. Not at least, flight crews deal with constant time-zone changes and irregular sleep schedules , which means many disruptions to the body’s circadian rhythm, or “internal clock.” Some potential exposures at chemical substances, a specificity of reproductive factors were also considered and researchers even do not believe allthe factors possibly involved were considered. But the team  found some evidence that the longer flight attendants had been on the job, the higher their cancer risk was. Male flight attendants had they too higher rates of skin cancers than other men. The European Union required that aircrews be monitored for their radiation exposure. There are no official dose limits yet for American aircrew.


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