Outbreak of gastrointestinal illness hit the Holland America cruise ship Zaandam


The cause of the outbreak is not known but 58 passengers and 15 crew members have reported symptoms that include vomiting and diarrhea, according to CDC. Onboard tests have been negative for norovirus, however it’s supposed to be. Norovirus is highly contagious. The ship is expected to make additional stops in Alaska before returning to Seattle.


Holland America released a statement Friday confirming that a number of passengers reported falling ill with a stomach virus on Monday. It said it activated a protocol to isolate ill passengers in their cabins. It also cleaned railings, door handles and other commonly touched surfaces to prevent the virus from spreading further. The 781-foot Zaandam was docked in Juneau all day on Friday. Juneau’s top attraction is the Mendenhall Glacier. It’s the sixth reported norovirus outbreak on a cruise ship this year and the second in Alaska, according to the CDC. MS Zaandam is a cruise ship owned and operated by Holland America Line, named for the city of Zaandam, Netherlands near Amsterdam. Zaandam currently sails out of Alaska during the summer and during the winter sails Mexico and . In December and January, the Zaandam cruises the Antarctic and South America.


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