An 8-year-old boy in Oregon has died due necrotizing fasciitis after a minor accident


Even treated at the emergency room, the skin around his groin and thigh began to change, discoloring. When initially was treated, doctors felt it was minor enough not to give Liam antibiotics and this proved to be wrong. Doctors tried to remove the infected tissue.


“He was on three of the highest doses of antibiotics that you could get. They were pouring everything at them that they could, but they just kept cutting and hoping. Cutting and hoping,” the mother says. Necrotizing fasciitis spreaded quickly, killing the body’s soft tissue. On Thursday morning, Liam was airlifted to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, where doctors continued to amputate parts of Liam’s body in hopes of saving his life. But he died at the hospital. This was the boy’s first accident, considered a minor one. Symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis  include fever, chills, fatigue, and vomiting and can occur within hours of an injury. The skin may turn purplish or swell. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help Liam’s family pay for funeral and medical costs.


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