The BioNTech company is working on vaccines against cancer, based on mRNA


Another big step to be achieved in the medicine was announced. Professors Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci, who co-founded BioNTech, the German firm that partnered with Pfizer to manufacture the revolutionary mRNA Covid vaccine, expressed Sunday the hope in creation a vaccine against cancer before 2030.


It will be based on mRNA too and will instruct the immune system to destroy cancer cells. In fact, the T-cells will be manipulated. The vaccine will contain as genetic instruction for cancer antigens the proteins from the surface of cancer cells. BioNTech has now several cancer vaccines in clinical trials.However nothing is a demonstration of success yet. “As scientists we are always hesitant to say we will have a cure for cancer,” Türeci said. “We have a number of breakthroughs and we will continue to work on them.” A special approach is considered. “The goal that we have is that can we use the individualized vaccine approach to ensure that directly after surgery, patients receive a personalized, individualized vaccine, and we induce an immune response that so the T-cells in the body of the patient can screen the body for remaining tumor cells and ideally eliminate the tumor cells,” Sahin explained.