A blood test to detect multiple cancer types is under development with many scientists participation


A study found a simple blood test could spot multiple cancer types in patients before they develop clear symptoms. The findings come from a study called Pathfinder, which is being run at multiple medical institutions across the United States to evaluate the . The Galleri test – made by GRAIL, a California biotech company – looks for cancer DNA in the blood. Beyond spotting the presence of disease, the test predicts where the cancer is.The test detected tumours in tissues such as the breast, liver, lung and colon, but it also spotted ovarian and pancreatic cancers. Only a small proportion of healthy people wrongly received a positive result. The results were presented Sunday at a meeting of the European Society for Medical Oncology in Paris. However the test was not yet ready for population-wide screening. NHS England has called the Galleri test a gamechanger and plans to release the tests of trials of 165,000 individuals next year.


Research at Gustave Roussy cancer center in Villejuif, France, thik that “within the next five years, we will need more doctors, surgeons and nurses, together with more diagnostic and treatment infrastructure, to care for the rising number of people who will be identified by multi-cancer early detection tests.” At this point, no multi-cancer early detection test is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Galleri is available for doctors to order, as a “laboratory developed test.” The technology is still in the process of development.