Canada has new health rules to avoid a HIV infection


These new guidelines will hopefully aid in the prevention of HIV transmission in Canada’s most at-risk populations, the study said, like in the gay community where men are 131 times more likely to become infected with HIV than other citizens. New medication guidelines in Canada recommend that people at high risk of contracting HIV take new drugs both before and after virus exposure. However, other known an before applied protection, like condoms, are not excluded.

Gay people are at risk

In 2014, approximately 44,073 people were diagnosed with HIV in the United States. Of these cases, 67% of estimated HIV diagnoses were in gay and bisexual men, 24% were from heterosexual contact, and 6% were attributed to injection drug use. Victims of sexual assault are at increased risk for contracting HIV, as most sexual assaults occur in people aged 18 to 25 years; this is the same age group in which HIV infections are increasing rapidly as compared with other populations. Always, the best way to prevent HIV infection is to avoid exposure to the virus.


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