Obesity of a Mexico born child can’t be explained, doctors say


A month old, the boy had to wear clothes meant for two- or three-year-olds. He cannot walk or even crawl. At birth he weighed 3.5 kilos, about the same as his brother Mario who is now a normal boy. “I thought it was because I had good breast milk,” said his mother, 24-year-old Isabel Pantoja. One of the main hypotheses is that he could have a disease called Prader-Willi Syndrome, a genetic condition in which children have an insatiable appetite and weak muscle tone. But the child does not eat voraciously or spend the day demanding food.

This is the family

The parents where shocked when a paediatrician told them the boy might need hormone injections that cost $US555 (A$724) each. His father who works at a juice plant earns just a little over $US200  a month. The treatment could help. His parents created a Facebook page and opened a bank account for people to donate money for Luis Manuel’s medical care. He has to go to the hospital as many as four times a week for tests. For the instant, no real solution was found to help him.


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