Alcohol consumption is linked to cancer, oncologists say


Statistically determined, between 5-6% of new cancers and cancer deaths globally as directly attributable to alcohol.  However, there is a fact: “People typically don’t associate drinking beer, wine, and hard liquor with increasing their risk of developing cancer in their lifetimes,” said ASCO President Bruce Johnson. It was found that even moderate alcohol use can cause cancer. Alcohol consumption also can delay or negatively impact cancer treatment, oncologists say.

Alcohol drinks

Alcohol drinks

The statement from the American Society of Clinical Oncology contains even some suggestions for authorities to reduce the alcohol use. Regulate alcohol outlet density, increase alcohol taxes and prices, maintain limits on days and hours of sale, restrict youth exposure to advertising of alcoholic beverages are supposed to be the right way for action. “If you don’t drink, don’t start” is a good advice for individuals. School and family must have an important role to give the necessary information and to form good behavior.


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