Too much exercise is not so good for health, especially for the white people


Unique to the new study is the evaluation of long-term exercise patterns, from young adulthood into middle age. In the study, the researchers found that the group of avid exercisers was 27% more likely to develop CAC by the end of the experiment (at ages 43 to 55). “Because the study results show a significantly different level of risk between black and white participants based on long-term exercise trajectories, the data provides rationale for further investigation, especially by race, into the other biological mechanisms for CAC risk in people with very high levels of physical activity,” UIC Applied Health Sciences assistant Prof. Deepika Laddu declared to media.


However, the researchers said these findings require further experimentation and study and by no means “suggest that anyone should stop exercising.” In fact, “too much” can kill in many life situations and moderation is a better choice. The findings are published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings.


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