First dental implant surgery made by a robot to a patient in China


It was a one-hour procedure. The implants were fitted to within a margin of error of 0.2-0.3mm, reaching the required standard for this kind of operation, experts said. The project was developed  by the Fourth Military Medical University’s affiliated Stomatological Hospital, based in Xian, and the robot institute at Beihang University in Beijing over the past four years. This dental surgery was performed on a volunteer, a woman.

First robot dental surgery

Before the operation began, the staff fitted the patient with position orientation equipment and programmed the robot to move into the correct position including the angle and depth required to fit the patient with two, 3D-printed artificial teeth. The robot followed a set of pre-programmed commands to fit the implants into the patient’s mouth, but was able to make adjustments as the woman moved. One of the biggest advantages of robotic dental surgery is its accuracy. The robot can move flawlessly in the small space within the mouth. There are about 1 million implant surgeries in the country each year and that is why the robot dentists can help.In recent years robots have increasingly been used to assist dentists with procedures such as root canal surgery and orthodontic operations.


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