E-cigarettes with nicotine produce dangerous effects in the human body


For the last couple of years users of the e-cigarettes has grown dramatically however. Their safety is still a matter of debate, and several instances are indicating the adverse health impacts. E-cigarettes are certainly influencing the blood vessels’ elasticity. The measurement of first thirty minutes, in the study, showed the smoking of the e-cigarettes that had nicotine increased the arterial stiffness, heart rate, and the blood pressure. Chronic exposure to the e-cigarettes containing the nicotine can bring permanent impacts on the arterial stiffness for the long term.


Presenting the research at the European Respiratory Society International Congress on Monday, Dr Magnus Lundbäck, a research leader and clinical registrar at the Danderyd University Hospital, Karolinska Institute, in Stockholm, Sweden, also said: “It is very important that the results of this and other studies reach the general public and the health care professionals working in preventive health care, for example in smoking cessation.” Some calculations suggest that in the USA alone, the e-cigarette industry will surpass the conventional cigarette industry within the next few years. In the European Union (EU) ever use of e-cigarettes increased from 7.2% in 2012 to 11.6% in 2014 according to a paper first published in 2016.


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