The town of Yuzhou in China was put on lockdown


The town of Yuzhou , some 700km (434 miles) south-west of Beijing, with a population od 1.17 million, is the second in China put on lockdown. Just three asymptomatic Covid cases were discovered. Authorities announced the new rules on Sunday night. All residents were told to remain indoors, with only those involved in containing the disease allowed to leave. Vehicles were banned from Yuzhou’s roads unless they have clearance from virus control authorities, and authorities ordered a halt to activity in supermarkets apart from the supply of daily necessities. Museums, stadiums, tourist attractions, chess and card rooms, internet cafes and other enclosed entertainment and leisure places were ordered to halt operation. “Dynamic zero Covid” strategy of the government combines mass vaccination with a regime of constant testing, nationwide monitoring of people’s movements, temperature-taking and phone apps”People are swapping stuff with others in the same building, because they no longer have enough food to eat,” a resident declared to an Asian radio.


A similar policy has been in place in Xi’an, in western China, for almost two weeks. At least 24 medical teams with 1,370 doctors and nurses have been deployed to Xian.The Winter Olympics are due to be held in Beijing in a few weeks, on February. The solution is inclusion of participants in strictly isolated bubbles, a process which already began. They will remain inside for the duration of their stay. On Sunday, 161 new cases were reported nationwide, of which 101 were locally transmitted and 60 imported, the country’s National Health Commission said.