The major city of Xi’an in China, home for 13 million residents, is now in a strict lockdown


Six weeks from the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, China is moving into panic mode. The country locks down 13 million in the city of Xi’an after COVID-19 outbreak. On Tuesday, the central Chinese city of Xi’an recorded 52 new Covid-19 cases. Located in central China well over 800 miles from the east coast metropolis of Shanghai, Xi’an is one of the last major urban areas. The virus is believed to have then spread into the community via an infected hotel worker. By noon on Wednesday, more than 30,000 people who were believed to have come into contact with a confirmed case were placed in government quarantine. Now. residents are banned from leaving their homes except for urgent cases like medical emergencies. Each household is only allowed to send one designated person out of the house to buy groceries every two days. Schools, public facilities and transport systems are also closed except for essential service providers like hospitals and supermarkets. Authorities banned large-scale events.


The city has also reported an unspecified number of hemorrhagic fever cases, a high mortality disease transmitted by rodents. In the past week alone, in addition to Xi’an, cases have also been recorded in Henan province, Zhejiang province, Guangdong province, Guangxi autonomous region, and the cities of Beijing and Tianjin. The Beijing Olympics are set to kick off on February 4, 2022. The country plans to implement a “closed-loop” bubble, where athletes, officials, broadcasters, and journalists alike will be able to move only within designated locales.