A moderate-intensity physical activity is required to have a healthier life


There are known realities about health and life but now more scientific research increased the findings and permitted more conclusive affirmations. Sedentary leisure time (which includes but is not limited to using the computer, TV, or reading) and little have a higher stroke risk than people who are more physically active – a study of the school of medecine at the University of Calgary in Canada proved based on statistics. Co-authors are Scott Patten, M.D., Ph.D.; Jeanne Williams, M.Sc.; and Eric E. Smith, M.D., M.P.H. Dr. Joundi was supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Researchers reviewed health and lifestyle information for 143,000 adults with no prior stroke, heart disease or cancer who participated in the Canadian Community Health Survey in years 2000, 2003, 2005, 2007-2012. They followed the participants for an average of 9.4 years.


The amount of time spent each day in leisure sedentary activities (hours spent on computer, reading and watching TV) were divided them into categories of less than four hours per day; four to less than six hours per day; six to less than eight hours per day; and eight hours or more a day. The average daily leisure sedentary time among all participants was 4.08 hours. Individuals aged 60 and younger had an average leisure sedentary time of 3.9 hours per day. Average daily leisure sedentary time was 4.4 hours for adults aged 60 to 79, and 4.3 hours for those 80 years and older. What do you think ? Who was at the highest level risk ? Of course the most inactive group had 7 times higher risk of stroke. Can we influence and change this ? The American Heart Association recommends adults get at least 150 minutes, or 2.5 hours, of moderate-intensity per week. So it’s good to move, do it and again and again !