The Euro 2020 football tournament increased Covid 19 cases


Social gathering in the pandemy time even in small groups is wrong and it was scientifically proved once again. Researchers say they have established a “clear link” between the Euro 2020 football tournament and a rise in COVID-19 cases in Scottish men. Contact tracing data showed positive Euro 2020 cases had an average of 5.6 close contacts during that time, compared to 3.2 in the general population. As researchers concluded, of the 63,874 new COVID-19 cases recorded in Scotland between 11 June and 7 July, 2,632 (4%) were related to Euro 2020. “The majority of the cases reported attending unofficial Euro 2020 events linked to smaller gatherings such as house parties, visits to pubs and restaurants, as well as extended travel highlighting a need for targeted guidance on how to safely celebrate in small informal gatherings with appropriate social distancing, proper ventilation and mask wearing in closed spaces,” the analysis published in the journal Eurosurveillance concluded. 90% of the recorded positive cases were men and 73% were aged between 20-39.


A total of 452 cases had visited Wembley Stadium (15%), while 216 (7%) watched the four Euro 2020 matches held at Hampden Park in Glasgow. Most of those who travelled to London used trains, followed by private cars, flights and buses. “Evidence of the potential risks in transmitting SARS-CoV-2 in vehicles is especially well documented, yet travel to London by private cars and public buses were common.”