The phthalates contained in the plastics stimulate chronic diseases


The phthalates are contained in common consumer products such as food packaging and wrappings, toys, medications and even medical devices. Of 1500 South Australian men tested, phthalates were detected in urine samples of 99.6 per cent of those aged 35 and over. “We found that the prevalence of cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure increased among those men with higher total phthalate levels,” senior author Associate Professor Zumin Shi said to media.

All day plastics

Even if the study did not clarified exactly all the aspects, “we do know the chemicals impact on the human endocrine system, which controls hormone release that regulate the body’s growth, metabolism, and sexual development and function”, researchers declared. Age and western diets are directly associated with higher concentrations of phthalates. The study was considered also including other parameters but the association between high levels of phthalates and disease was unchanged. A warning was issued knowing that phthalates are associated with diseases. Something must be changed. The adoption of healthier lifestyles can help. Decisions must be taken individually but at the same time at a social scale.


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