How cannabis contributed to help a man who suffered stroke, in Australia


Than his family and his girl friend searched medical advice using “Doctor Google” and discovered information about how controversial sleeping drug Stilnox helped brain-damaged people wake up. At their insistence, a year after his stroke, his family started administering Stilnox and some significant results appeared soon: “he just started joining in our conversation”, his father remembers. Mr Goddard was able to remain lucid and engage in conversations for up to an hour.

MrGodart   Mr Goddart was capable of interaction

Later, ever better results were when the man smoked cannabis with a friend. “His speech was so clear,” his relatives said. It was difficult for them to obtain the medical-grade cannabis-based drug Sativek, Later again, the family watched a television program about a woman in the US who recovered from a stroke after being given Etanercept, a drug used to treat arthritis. The treatment was not approved in Australia but again they obtained it and even if this not occurred immediately, taking Etanercept with Stilnox and cannabis, Mr Goddard was now able to speak for most of the day. He is in a better state after stroke due to the forced by family treatment he received. He has now problems due to cystic fibrosis he previously suffered.


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