The majority of the world leaders sustains the need of a pandemic treaty


The governments of at least 23 countries worldwide including South Korea, , South Africa and the United Kingdom promoted a treaty that would declare the health of humans, animals and the planet to be connected and call on member nations to collaborate to address future global health emergencies. The proposed document calls for greater international co-operation and says countries should avoid isolationism and nationalism. The world leaders wrote that they are “committed to ensuring universal and equitable access to safe, efficacious and affordable vaccines, medicines and diagnostics for this and future pandemics.”A manifest on multiple major newspapers is calling for international support for the proposed treaty. “We are convinced that it is our responsibility, as leaders of nations and international institutions, to ensure that the world learns the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the document says.


The World Health Organization () also reportedly supports this effort but the U.S. , China and Russia remain silent. However, “when the discussion on the starts, all member states will be represented,” the chief said. To date, more than 127 million coronavirus cases have been officially recorded worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University. The virus has killed more than 2.7 million people. “The world cannot afford to wait until the pandemic is over to start planning for the next one,” Tedros said during a news conference.