WHO’S experts searching for coronavirus origins were able to meet the patient zero in Wuhan


WHO is expected to publish soon the results of its recent investigation in China for Covid-19 origins. They were able to meet the man considered to be the patient zero. The man, an office worker for a private company, in his 40s, is believed to have been infected on December 8th. He had no recent travel history and had a normal life. His hobby was surfing the internet. He told to the experts his parents had visited another local community food market, not the one in Wuhan that was associated with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is an important detail but the scientists were not able to clarify other details or identify the market. However, is believed the virus had an animal origin and they found at least two types of animals that could carry the coronavirus at the Huanan market, including ferret badgers and rabbits. The outbreak could have begun somewhere else.


“There is clear evidence of simultaneous transmission of the virus in other places outside the market.” Some researchers say that another, older man, fell sick on December 1st 2019, but he had other chronic illnesses and couldn’t speak.It seems to be clearly that more investigation is needed to find more about the virus origin.