A 31 old man has died by flesh-eating bacteria, he was swimming after getting a new tatoo


He began suffering from fever, chills and a rash close to the tattoo after swimming. Doctors immediately suspected the vibrio vulnificus bug complicated by cirrhosis of the liver from years of heavy drinking. He battled septic shock, triggered when infection starts a devastating immune response which sees the body attack its own organs. Two weeks after he was placed on life support, his condition further deteriorated and his kidneys failed. Standard advice is to not go into open water within two weeks after getting a tattoo. A spokesperson for Singing River Hospital in Pascagoula, Mississippi confirmed this was the first positive case of vibrio vulnificus this season in the area. The man’s nationality was not identified but a such situation became not uncommon in the U.S. Patients become infected by consuming raw or undercooked seafood, or by exposing a wound to seawater.


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