An experiment about the vaccination against Covid-19 is scheduled in Brazil


An experiment linked to Covid-19 prevention will be conducted in Serrana, a Brazilian city in the state of São Paulo, the home to about 30,000 adults. All the residents over the age of 18 (except for pregnant or breastfeeding women and those with serious illnesses) will receive the CoronaVac vaccine developed by Chinese company Sinovac. People will be allowed in and out of the city. The research study of the Butantan Institute in Brazil, known as “Project S,” will try to determine if the vaccine will reduce the spread of the virus.


Previously, the observations in Israel suggested this. Israel used the Pfizer vaccine. A few weeks ago the University of Oxford published data about another study indicating the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine could slow the spread of the virus. Data on whether vaccines could fully prevent infections (even asymptomatic ones) remain limited yet. “Based on what we are going to learn here, we will be able to tell the rest of the world what the actual effect of the against COVID-19 is,” Ricardo Palacios, the director of clinical studies at the Butantan Institute, told to media. Brazil had nearly 10 million COVID-19 cases to date and more than 242,000 death.