A less expensive way to solve the infertility problem was found by an Australian obstetrician


Australian obstetrician and researcher Professor Ben Mol has found 40 per cent of infertile women get pregnant after their fallopian tubes are flushed out with iodized poppy seed oil, which technically is an old 15 minutes test. The most interesting thing is the fact that Mr Mol found he was himself born this way after his mother made this test available now for free under Medicare or for $500-$700 if performed privately. The test contrast medium is placed into the womb to check if the woman’s fallopian tubes are blocked. The fact this is favoring pregnancy is a secondary effect just discovered now. The result offer new hope to infertile couples. Another advantage of the test is that most of the women get pregnant with just a single baby unlike in the case when IVF is used but there is a higher risk of twin or multiple births that are more high risk.

Professor Mol says the procedure which takes just 15 minutes should be offered to all infertile women as a first resort before expensive IVF treatment is pursued.


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