Moderna expects to have its vaccine against coronavirus approved soon


Moderna is filing for US and European emergency regulatory approval of its coronavirus vaccine. Clinical studies show the jab is more than 94% effective at protecting people from becoming ill with Covid-19. It expects the Food and Drug Administration in the US to consider it at its meeting on 17 December, Moderna said. It also hopes to gain UK approval soon, now that it has trial data from 30,000 volunteers. No serious side effects were reported. The UK has bought 7m doses of the vaccine, 5m on the day Moderna announced its interim result of 94.5% efficacy, and a further 2m last week. The US will get access first.


Moderna said it expected to have 20m doses of its vaccine ready for use in the US by the end of this year. Dr Alexander Edwards, associate professor in biomedical technology at the University of Reading, said: “This is great news indeed – the more trial data that we have, the greater confidence we have that vaccines can be used to blunt the human cost of Covid-19. Final results from the trials of Moderna’s vaccine against Covid-19 confirm it has 94% efficacy. Moderna says it is on track to manufacture 500m to 1bn doses globally in 2021. Moderna’s vaccine is said to be stable for a month at ordinary fridge temperatures once out of the freezer, but the cost will be prohibitive in many parts of the world. In August, the company said it was charging $32 (£24) to $37 a dose.