An antimicrobial peptide discovered on the skin of an Indian frog could be useful against dangerous flu


He is very optimistic. However, more research is needed before it can become an influenza treatment. But it is a hope to have this way new remedies against flu viruses that have begun to develop resistance to existing antiviral medications. in laboratory experiments, the frog peptide wiped out every type of H1 flu that was tested. The Emory team has dubbed the virus-killing peptide “urumin.” “What this peptide does is it binds to the hemagglutinin and destabilizes the virus,” Jacob said. ”And then it kills the virus.” The frog peptide behaved like a universal flu vaccine. The next step for the research team will be to test urumin in animals of increasing complexity. The study of other proteins produced by some frog species was previously performed in the last year with the hope to enrich the number of substances used in medecine.


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