Genome Test for Infants Detects Genetic Disorders in 50 hours


Doctors in US conducted a 50-hour experiment and in this experiment; a child’s whole genetic code was analyzed and sequenced. This genetic code is called genome. The results are given to doctors within 50 hours. A recent survey revealed that several babies were admitted to hospitals because of some genetic disease. These children are kept in intensive care unit. Mutation of DNA is suspected to be held responsible behind this as mutation of DNA can cause more than 3,500 various genetic diseases. Having said so, it is difficult for doctors to diagnose all of them.

Genome projects took years to complete and they were costly. However, because of the technological advancements, now a genome test is completed in just 50 hours after taking a blood sample. One of the directors of Center for Pediatric Genomic Medicine at the hospital, Dr Stephen Kingsmore, said that doctors found it easy to keep relevant medicines in hospitals because of the results of genome sequencing. In addition, an entire genome can now be decoded in just few hours and results can be given to physicians in just two days. The main benefit of this genome test is that it has the ability to transform the world of neonatology.

Doctors are using results of these genome tests in order to provide best medical treatments to their patients. In addition, doctors are also providing improved counseling to their patients after carefully analyzing their genome results. Having said so, Genome tests are still costly for many families.

According to one of the doctors of University of Leads, Prof David Bonthron, a two days genome test is indeed an impressive and fast technology. He also said that speed is very important in the careful analysis of genes especially in the fetus. However, treatment becomes easy when diseases and abnormalities are identified within the womb.  In future, genome testing looks to improve the conditions that help in treatment of abnormalities. A small strand of DNA is enough to provide sufficient information about any abnormal condition or disease. Analysis of genetic material and DNA helps to find identity of human beings and in determining diseases. DNA and genome tests have become essential tools in the field of medicines and health sciences.


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