The Volatile Analysis chewing gum to be used for early cancer detection


They are unique to each type of cancer so the diagnosis should be accurate. With use of the gum, patients would no longer need to go through blood tests or urine analysis. The total number of new cancer cases detected in the US was  estimated 1.5 million according to the National Cancer Institute. Early cancer detection is important to save or at least allow a longer life. The gum is still in the testing stage so it may be too early to determine how well it will work. The gum will come in flavors that taste just like candy. Another possible step in prevention:  by studying the links between bacteria and cancer , scientists one day hope to be able to tell a person what his or her cancer risk is based on the bacteria present in his or her body, said Jiyoung Ahn, an associate professor of epidemiology at the New York University School of Medicine.


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