Strength antibiotics could be developed to kill drug-resistant bacteria


Dr Joseph Ndieyira said: ‘Antibiotics need to bind to bacterial cells to kill them. Antibiotics have “keys” that fit “locks” on cell surfaces, allowing them to latch on.” The study examined vancomycin, a powerful antibiotic used as a last resort for MRSA, and a modified form of it called oritavancin. Vancomycin disrupts vital processes so the bacteria stop functioning and die. But it was proved that oritavancin was much more brutal and powerful. Researchers said they found “oritavancin pressed into resistant bacteria with a force 11,000 times stronger than vancomycin.” So it can kill bacteria in just 15 minutes. Knowing the fact that modified antibiotics can help them to be more efficient is a new way to think the future in medicine.


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