Researchers have found a rare superbug gene on a U.S. pig farm


But things could change ! “It is an extremely rare gene. How it got on this farm, we don’t know,” said Thomas Wittum, chair of the veterinary medicine team at The Ohio State University, who led the study team. The worry is that the gene will get into bacteria that infect people. Such examples exist: this summer researchers sounded the alarm about a drug-resistant E. coli sample carrying a gene called mcr-1. After their discovery, the researchers took other samples from the farm. They swabbed pigs, took fecal samples, tested pens, fences and equipment. The farm was a moderate-sized, family-run operation. During the research, the bla IMP-27 gene in several different samples and in several different species of bacteria, including E. coli and Enterobacteriaceae. The conclusion of the study is a warn about the possibility to have contaminated meat products. And people can carry a germ without getting sick but infecting others. Drug resistant infections are a real and dangerous threat.


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