Study reveals how a simple blood test could save women from infertility


Researchers at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust carried out a study which concluded that more than twenty percent of these women patients may actually suffer from blood-clotting disorders and they could be spared the surgery that leaves them infertile. It was discovered that due to the lack a blood protein which acts in the human body like glue to determine a clump of cells (this is how clots are formed), some women may be experiencing heavy monthly bleeding.

Sometimes even the fact that the cells themselves(called platelets) do not work properly is to blame for this plaguing condition. Certain blood-clotting disorders such as von Willebrand disease or platelet dysfunction can be treated with a drug called desmopressin, which is administered a simple nasal spray or in some cases as a monthly injection. These cases amount to twenty percent of the women patients involved in the study.


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