A human antibody it’s a new hope to protect unborn babies from the effect of Zika virus


In mice, it helped decrease the damage that the virus causes to developing fetuses and it also helped protect adult mice against infection in the first place. The study is not completely able to predict what would happen in humans because mice don’t naturally catch Zika. The team scanned blood samples from people who had been infected with Zika, looking for antibodies that appeared especially effective against Zika. They found one that looked especially effective. Once administrated, these naturally occurring antibodies isolated from humans reduced how quickly the virus invaded tissue. The antibodies are able to keep the fetus safe from harm by blocking the virus from crossing the placenta. Doctors will need to be very sure that a treatment is both safe and effective before trying it in pregnant women and this will need time and small tests. However, is almost sure that Zika virus will stop soon to be a so dangerous infection for pregnant women.


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