Warning, men can have breast cancer too !


There are not differences in treatment, mastectomy is due for men with cancer too. Actor Richard Roundtree and many others are between the winners. Now, an American non profit organization, the Male Breast Cancer Coalition is working to spread the necessary information to prevent men to become ill. Early detection saves lives, in many cases symptoms like a lump, a discoloration or a discharge announce cancer, this is why periodic mammogram is necessary for men as for women. “A lot of times, when men finally make it into a doctor’s office, they are at stage 2 or 3 breast cancer, or it has even metastasized,” said Dr. Kirby Bland, a renowned breast cancer specialist at UAB’s Kirklin Clinic, who served 16 years as UAB Hospital’s surgeon-in-chief and chair of the Department of Surgery for the UAB School of Medicine.


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