Brain implants helped paralyzed patient to feel again


The experiment was conducted with a 30 year old patient and announces a breakthrough in the restoration of a critical function in people with paralyzed limbs: the ability not just to move those limbs, but to feel them. “It’s amazing. Pretty cool,” President Obama said Thursday when visiting Pittsburg for a White House Frontiers Conference on advances in science, medicine and technology. was diagnosed with tetraplegia, paralysis of all four limbs. Nathan Copeland, the subject of experiment, was diagnosed with tetraplegia, paralysis of all four limbs, after his car spun out of control on a rainy winter night more than a decade ago when it was a teenager. He volunteered for the research at UPMC. He had been studying nanotechnology before his accident. The microelectrode package and control system for this experiment were developed by Blackrock Microsystems and the robotic arm by the Applied Physics Lab at Johns Hopkins University.


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