Study shows that women taking a specific CANCER drug had a higher egg density


Until now it was widely believed that women have in fact a limited number of eggs that cannot be increased throughout their lives. Such theories could finally prove to be wrong after scientists have already shown in their laboratories that ovaries may be able to grow new eggs. Evelyn Telfer, the professor who led the study, explained: “This was something remarkable and completely unexpected for us. The tissue appeared to have formed new eggs… The dogma is that the human ovary has a fixed population of eggs and that no new eggs form throughout life.. We have to be very cautious about jumping to clinical applications”.

The study examined women suffering from cancer and taking chemotherapy drug ABVD. And although it was seen that the patients had a far greater density of eggs than healthy women with otherwise similar characteristics, this is no proof or confirmation for the discovery. Yet, due to the implications further developments could have in the future, this has caused excitement throughout the scientific community.


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