Vaping is dangerous for heart, a recent medical study concluded


“Our study demonstrates that both cigarettes (and e-cigarettes) have unfavorable effects on markers of oxidative stress and FMD after single use, although e-cigarettes appeared to have a lesser impact. “Future studies are warranted to clarify the chronic vascular effects of E-cigarette smoking,” the authors of the study concluded. Since e-cigarettes became popular scarcely a decade ago, more such unpleasant surprises could be in the offing. For example, some of the flavoring agents used in e-cigarettes haven’t been well-studied for their effects when inhaled.

Dr. Wael Al-Delaimy of the University of California, San Diego, a vaping skeptic, said the study was “carefully conducted” by the researchers. “We have always cautioned against supporting such products without evidence about its safety to the users, and now more evidence is emerging demonstrating potential risks to public health in support of our advice about not blindly supporting e-cigarettes,” he said.


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