A rare case of foreign accent syndrome in Texas


Other various causes including stroke, allergic reaction, physical injury and migraine were reported. these individuals feel as if they are suffering from a speech disorder. The latest case known is of Lisa Alamia from Rosenberg, Texas, where she was born being now a mother of three. Alamia was diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome because  she speaks now with a British accent. The rhythm and pronunciation of speech has changed.This occurred after the young woman had common jaw surgery to correct an overbite. “People who don’t know me, they’re like, ‘Hey, where are you from?’ “I’m from Rosenberg. They’re like, ‘Where is that?’ I’m like, ‘Right here in Rosenberg.’ ‘Oh, you’re from here? How do you talk like that?’ “ There is no way to correct a such situation. Scientists try to understand things. One of the symptoms of this syndrome is that the patient moves their tongue or jaw differently while speaking which creates a different sound.


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