Rare medical condition seen in a teen boy in Malaysia


The fetus had hair, legs, hands and genitals. Only the nose and mouth were not complete. The condition, known medically as “foetus in foetu”, means that Mohd Zul Shahril Saidin had been carrying the growing foetus since birth. The teenager is stil recovering in hospital. After surgery, his mother, Hasmah, and her family, had performed funeral rites on the foetus, which is now buried in a cemetery in Sungai Petani. All his life Mohd Zul Shahril Saidin from Malaysian state of Kedah was not alone — he had a brother, who lived inside him for fifteen years.

It  is no clearly defined cause for “foetus in foetu.” Kedah Health Department director Datuk Dr Norhizan Ismail refused to comment on the case and attempts by reporters to meet the teenager who is still at the hospital, failed.


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