A medical procedure tested during last years could help for kidney transplants


That means that doctors had first filtering the antibodies out of a patient’s blood and after administrated him / her an infusion of other antibodies to provide some protection while the immune system regenerates its own antibodies. The most important change obtained but is not known why, the person’s regenerated antibodies are less likely to attack the new organ.

The process is expensive, costing $30,000, but is cheaper in the long run than dialysis, which costs $70,000 a year for life. The new way to prepare for a transplant made possible to such patients to receive a new organ for any other person, without the need to be compatible according to the normal transplant rules. The new method was tested  for years and many patients changed their life. “I do think it is something we would consider”, Dr. Jeffrey Campsen, a transplant surgeon at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center said.


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