“Statins for the brain” could prevent millions of cases of Alzheimer’s disease


The battle against Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia is not something new. Scientists have been working for a long time to make a dream come true, as also Professor Michele Vendruscolo describes: “To find a compound, which is cheap and safe and therefore can be given early to everybody”. Existing drugs on the market only delay the progress of the disease. But because the current available drugs don’t attack the cause of the problem and only take care of the effect their effect eventually fails against the disease that finally takes its devastating course.

After Cambridge University researchers found a way to study the formation of the amyloid-beta protein with far better accuracy than before, they were able to find a solution for stopping the clumps from ever forming while applied in the very first stage of the process. The new research is detailed in the journal Science Advances and brings huge hope to Alzheimer’s patients and millions others around the world.


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