Substances found in e-cigarettes are incriminated to expose consumers to high risk


Tested f lavors included Cupcake, Fruit Squirts, Waikiki Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Tutti Frutti, Double Apple Hookah, Blue Water Punch, Oatmeal Cookie and Alien Blood. 2,3-pentanedione, also known as acetylpropionyl, and acetoin were detected n many of the flavorings e-cigarettes. It was proved that such substances can cause lung and brain damage in rats. Another one, Diacetyl, a component of artificial butter flavoring, can cause a condition known as lymphocytic bronchiolitis, which in turn can lead to obliterative bronchiolitis. “Bronchiolitis obliterans is a horrible disease and nobody wants it,” said Dr. Gina Lundberg, a heart specialist at Emory University and a spokesperson for the American Heart Association. There are strong arguments to push the FDA to regulate e-cigarettes.


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