One-a-day pill treatment of fibroids will soon save women from surgery


The cause of fibroids remains unknown to this date. Scientists have however proven that fibroids are more commonly seen in women that did not yet have a child. Young women suffering from this painful, fertility limiting womb condition also have the option to undergo surgery if medication can’t control their condition. In case of large fibroids, radiologists block the blood vessels that supply the blood to the fibroids. This causes them to shrink. Open surgery also allows the direct removal of the fibroids but this must be followed by a reconstruction of the uterus. This last surgery option is chose only in the most severe cases.

Statistics show that 40 percent of the women aged between 30 and 50 develop fibroids. And many of the women don’t really know it until they go have a routine gynaecological check. Now, following the clinical results for long term usage of Esmya, a ruling by the European Commission allows sufferers to be prescribed Esmya long-term, no matter if they go on to have surgery or not.


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