The world’s most extensive face transplant to date is now a success


Before he underwent more than 70 surgeries that involved multiple grafts from his leg to his face but he was still very disfigured with “no semblance of normal anatomy.”. It was a procedure so extreme and so risky that his doctors warned him he only had a 50-50 chance of surviving it. Hardison faced a long road to recovery. The transplant operation’s cost was between $850,000 and $1 million and now is considered a success without rejection problems. He is 41 old and received the face of a 26 old  Brooklyn bike mechanic who crashed in accident.  The first full face transplant took place in 2010 in Spain. After, 35 patients worldwide have had face transplants. Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez,is  a pioneering reconstructive surgeon at Langone Medical Center. For him, Hardison was the perfect patient.


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