Uterus transplants to be made at Cleveland Clinic


Uterine transplantation is considered a new frontier in medicine medically and ethically. The recipients, healthy women, will support a difficult surgery intervention that is not necessary to save her life and after will confront with rejection danger. This could affect her pregnancy. Eight women from the estimated 50,000 in the United States who do not have a uterus have begun the screening process at the Cleveland Clinic, hoping to be selected for transplants. The no uterus syndrome affects about 1 in 4,500 newborn girls. “There are women who won’t adopt or have surrogates, for reasons that are personal, cultural or religious. These women know exactly what this is about,” Dr. Andreas Tzakis, the director of solid organ at a Cleveland Clinic hospital in Weston said to the media. Ten transplants will be made as an experiment in the Cleveland Clinic. Sweden is the only country where uterine transplants have been completed successfully. They used live donors.


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