A “bionic eye” used in a study to help patients with dry macular degeneration retina disease


Usually there is no treatment for “dry” version of the disease. The chronic disease causes vision loss at the center of the eye as a part of the retina called the macula becomes damaged with age. Describing the situation of one of his patients, Dr. Paulo Stanga, an ophthalmologist at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and professor of Ophthalmology and Retinal Regeneration said: “When Ray looks at a person in front of him, there is a blurred patch above the shoulders.” Ray Flynn was the first person to receive the bionic implant to cope with his macular degeneration and the medical team hopes his brain learns to interpret the data more clearly because for the instant when looking at a person he could see “a silhouette of a face” and not just the shoulders. Ray is 80 years old. In his garden, he can more easily decipher flowers and plants.


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