Why Marijuana Dispensaries in Los Angeles Should Consult Regularly with an Attorney



Opening a Dispensary

Medical marijuana usage is popping up across the United States. While providing medications to those in need of assistance can be a noble act, the laws in California can become tricky. Navigating the slippery slopes can be perilous and an attorney who specializes in defending medical marijuana dispensaries can prove helpful. Whether you’ve already opened your facility or you’re planning on doing so in the future, there are a number of ordinances you need to be aware of that can hinder your operation under current state law. In addition to seeking assistance from a criminal defense attorney that will help protect your legal rights, you’ll need to follow specific steps such as following the appropriate protocols and maintaining positive law-abiding relationships with government and state law enforcement agencies. Failing to follow the specific guidelines in accordance with the Los Angeles and California laws could subject your dispensary to criminal prosecution.

Determine Your Status?

Most businesses in the state of California have a specific type of legal entity. This affords the chance to obtain a license and go about doing typical business activities. However, without this sort of legal entity, you could open yourself up to a world of financial distress and legal liability. Without the proper legal representation needed to facilitate your endeavor, you could be criminally prosecuted for cultivation and/ or possession for sale of a controlled substance. A trustworthy and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can aid you in your business venture.

Rules on Medical Marijuana Usage

The rules for medical marijuana usage and dispensaries in Los Angeles are continuously changing. That’s why it’s important to seek the assistance from a criminal defense attorney who is current with the laws in California, as well as, Los Angeles County. This includes becoming familiar with city ordinances, local government bans and zoning regulations. While you may think that you can keep abreast of the laws that regulate a dispensary, meeting with a criminal defense attorney on a regular basis can ensure that you stay in compliance.

Increase in Dispensaries

The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 covered criminal defenses against those under investigation for the cultivation and use of marijuana for medical reasons. With the influx of states enacting similar laws when it comes to medical marijuana, demand for starting a dispensary in the Los Angeles area alone is seeing a dramatic increase. In order to become state compliant, you need the assistance of an attorney. An owner could be faced with some serious repercussions if the appropriate certificates, membership agreements and articles of incorporation are not filed correctly. Because some of these operations may be prohibited, you could face criminal prosecution for your indiscretions.

Future Laws

Continuing legal conflicts can further muddy the waters when it comes to medical marijuana dispensaries, and the law. Charles L. opened a dispensary in California with the conditions of his business license posted for all to see on his wall. Unfortunately, Mr. L. was arrested two years later for a series of felonies that included selling marijuana. His business was one of the hundreds at the center of a federal law conflict that places marijuana in the same category as heroin. While a criminal defense attorney can help medical marijuana dispensary owners after a conflict, meeting regularly with a criminal defense lawyer can help to alleviate and advise about the risks of any sort of future drama.


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