Life extending treatments were cut with the new cancer fund list


Among the drugs that were cut for being too expensive we can list: Avastin, Zaltrap, Jevtana (used in prostate cancer) along with Erbitux (used for bowel cancer). Many people and specialists oppose the decision with which some vital drugs could soon be available only privately. This could happen as some say that this system requiring consultant’s requests is doomed to fail.

Four drugs were reconsidered after some appeals out of the 19 life extending drugs which were initially cut for being too expensive. These four will remain available. The Cancer Drugs Fund, costing £280million-a-year, began in April 2011. Since then it has led to close to 55k patients in England having drugs banned on the NHS or awaiting approval. What is happening now could be considered a little far of from the government’s aim to have NHS doctors prescribe drugs if they believe these would benefit a cancer patient.


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