Some drugs are increasing the risk of dementia in old people


. Statistical determined, as much as 37 percent of people over age 65 use anticholinergic medications, linked to permanent cognitive changes, including dementia. Some such drugs are used to treat depression and insomnia. The new study demonstrated that about 80 percent of the subjects who had Alzheimer’s disease and this was depending by the higher a patient’s cumulative dose of anticholinergic medication was over the 10 year. People who took 10 milligrams of doxepin , 4 milligrams of chlorpheniramine or 5 milligrams of oxybutinin daily daily for a total of three years would be at increased risk of dementia, the researchers said as an important warning. Fortunately, in the early stages of the drug induced brain illness, he adverse effects of these medications may be reversible, according to Noll Campbell and Malaz Boustani, of the Regenstrief Institute in Indianapolis and the Indiana University Center for Aging Research.


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