Diet drug Liraglutide could be available on prescription in months


After European drugs regulator deemed the drug as being both effective and safe, Novo Nordisk of Denmark (Liraglutide’s maker) announced it will apply to have the drug prescribed on the NHS. According to studies Liraglutide packs twice the power of other rival drugs. Unfortunately its price is also roughly double, costing from £2.25 a day. Liraglutide suppresses appetite, prevents diabetes, lowers a patient’s blood pressure and also raises the good cholesterol levels. It certainly has that feel-good factor that would make any dieting a real pleasure.

Statistics show that over the past 20 years obesity levels have almost doubled in the UK. Currently UK is the second fattest country in Europe. This is alarming as it draws with it many side-effects. Usually with obesity the lifespan decreases and the risk of many health problems such as strokes, diabetes and heart diseases increases. Liraglutide could help improve the situation if it would be used by patients who want to slim down. It has to be injected into the stomach once per day, before breakfast. However, because of the fact it is too expensive for some it might be that people with problems won’t rush to use it anytime soon.


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