Chemical contained in cans and plastic bottle escalates the blood pressure


“A 5 mmHg increase in systolic blood pressure by drinking two canned beverages may cause clinically significant problems, particularly in patients with heart disease or hypertension”, says study author Dr. Yun-Chul Hong of Seoul National University College of Medicine in South Korea. BPA was used in the last 40 years  and it is also found in medical devices, dental sealants, disks and more.

During the study, urnie samples showed that soy milk in the cans contained much higher BPA than the soy milk in glass bottles. Bisphenol A could interfere with hormonal activity and was effectively used for a longtime as a synthetic form of estrogen. For the instant, FDA agreed that BPA at normal exposure levels could be dangerous for infants and some measures to ban it in some cases were announced. The American Heart Association says however that 120 mm Hg is the highest healthy systolic blood pressure, and an increase of 20 mm Hg over the long term doubles a person’s risk of heart disease. Some people could potentially have a much greater response than others regarding the presence of BPA. Glass jars and juice boxes are the healthier alternative for all us.


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