A woman in Florida is alive even though her heart stopped for 45 minutes


A team of more than a dozen doctors and nurses had been working desperately to revive her. The patient came to life and had no neurological damage and no bruises from the chest compressions. Scientifically, this rare situation is explained as “an amniotic fluid embolism.” “It’s likely that amniotic fluid contains components that cause an inflammatory reaction and activate clotting in the mother’s lungs and blood vessels,” according to Mayo Clinic’s website.

Such a rare complication occurs in 1 in 15,200 deliveries in North America but because at the same time amniotic fluid embolisms cause up to 10 percent of maternal deaths in developed countries and it’s normally diagnosed post mortem, the case of Graupera-Cassimiro is considered as “a miracle” or “a divine providence”  by the medical staff. Graupera-Cassimiro gave birth to a healthy daughter. She has made a complete recovery. This fact produced a few weeks ago but now she was back at the hospital for a tearful reunion with the medical team that fought to save her.


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