The longest ectopic pregnancy in the world


The foetus had been growing outside of her uterus and she received medication for the pain at a local clinic without a real diagnose for her case. After 36 years she went to the N.K.P. Salve Institute of Medical Sciences in the city of Nagpur accusing pain in the abdomen.

Doctors feared it could be cancer but medical  tests and scans revealed a calcified mass. It was a matured skeleton encapsulated in a calcified sac. The mass was lodged between the woman’s uterus, intestines and bladder. “It’s something we had never heard about”, doctors said after surgery. Murtaza Akhtar, head of surgery at the Nagpur hospital, told already to the media: “As far as this case is concerned, it’s the rarest of rare cases and very difficult to believe.” got to know what had happened. The woman was surprised to hear her life story and now she is recovering in the hospital.


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